branch-warren-intro-shotMetroFlex Gym was formed in 1986 by Brain Dobson in Arlington, TX.  His passion for bodybuilding and power-lifting mixed with his eye for talent quickly put MetroFlex on the map by putting out champions like 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson and 100s of other IFBB and NPC champions.

No other gym caters to serious competitors like Metroflex. Our equipment is hand selected not for looks but for functionality – if you want pretty plastic equipment that matches look elsewhere.  Our dumbbells go up to 250lbs and we have over 3.5 TONS of Olympic plates – we carry everything a competitor needs to reach their goals.

Serious training and lifting is not exclusively for men, Metroflex continues to put out top female competitors in Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Physique and Bodybuilding classes.  No matter how you want your body to look you will feel at home here.  We want to dispel the myth that females need pink dumbbells, special machines or gimmicks to reach their fitness goals.  We know that hard training in a motivating atmosphere is exactly what you need and you will find that here.

Powerlifters and Strongmen will feel right at home at our facility. We have a Monolift, Olympic Platforms, Ohio & Rogue bars, Spring Steel bars, Competition Benches and 100lb plates.  Strongmen and Women have access to Atlas stones,  Slater’s True Log, Axel bars, Yokes and Sleds.

While Metroflex is known for catering to bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongmen that is not who makes up the majority of our gym family.  MetroFlex is primarily made up of regular people of every shape, every size and from every fitness level.  If you are tired of cookie cutter, impersonal big box gyms, overpriced health spas, air conditioned gyms with TV’s and coffee house music where grunting is frowned upon then we are for you.  If you want to workout in a unique hardcore environment, one that treats you like family, cares about your goals, and pushes you to your limit than MetroFlex is for you.

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